This website has the purpose to work as a host for my guide and other wow related stuff.


Hi, I am fuu#7750. theorycrafter for rogue and moderator of the Ravenholdt Discord server.
If you have questions, want to give me feedback or have ideas for content for the site feel free to contact me. I'm working with Cioxs, who is taking care of the code part and some sections in this guide, we are currently communicating about the guide on a discord (In the Subguide chanel) which you can join here if you're intrested to see and give you're opinon on the guide.

Status Quo:

The Guide is still a work in progress but at the point where it is okay to share it. 
If you see anything wrong please create an issue in Here, we will solve them as fast as we can. If you have any ideas about how we could make this guide better, you can open an issue and we will look at it! We are also comunicatin on my discord, Thanks for all the feedback.

This is the currently covered content:


Basics of the Game, Abilities and Talents


Everything about your Gear and Consumables

Gameplay - DfA

The rotation if you play the DfA talent spec

Gameplay - non DfA

The rotation if you dont play the DfA talent spec


Macros, Weakauras and Addons.

What is in the works:

I got the basic stuff done. The design was the best I could find for a fast setup I will likely rework/update it in the future.
The main priority is to add new content and expand/rework/modify the existing one.
I hope the currently available content is helpful.